52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 33 – #6 Back Lit

gravesite, emotional, Sarasota FL

There is a very old gravesite in Sarasota which appears to be abandoned and the hang out for some of Sarasota’s homeless.  It proved to be a great photo op for a group of photographers that had a very cooperative model.  The light was just perfect for a backlit shot.  I had asked the model for an emotional pose which she mastered.  Of course if you read the inscription on the gravestone, it is obvious that she could not have known the deceased.



Week 8 – #13 Eight

World Rowing Championship, Sarasota FL Benderson Park

Tomorrow begins the 2017 World Rowing Championships at Benderson Park in Sarasota FL.  I decided this afternoon might present a great opportunity to take a few photos before the competition began tomorrow when access might be limited.   Although there wasn’t a lot of activity I was able to get a few shots of some teams getting in a last minute practice.  This is the 8th week of the 52 Week Photo Challenge and I am fulfilling the number “8” challenge.