52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 39- #42 The Wild Side

Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Fort Myer FLThis year I attended the F3C workshop in Fort Myer FL.  One of the workshops was to The Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.This  is part of the United States Wildlife Refuge System, located on the Caloosachatchee River, beneath the I-75 Caloosahatchee Bridge, within the city of North Fort Myers.  The 40-acre  refuge was established on January 1, 1921. It is administered as part of the J.N.” ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Complex. Although the animals were caged, each enclosure had an opening wide enough for a lens.  It was a great photo opportunity to capture the animals showing their wild side.