52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 41 – # 48 What a Character

Vietnam, Fish Sauce, Drying fish

Fish Sauce is a main ingredient to many dishes in Vietnam.  The variety of fish sauce  from Vietnam is called nước mắm.  On my recent photographic journey to Vietnam I got to see several fish markets and also the fields where the fish are dried in preparation for the production of fish sauce.  After harvesting the fish the liquid is poured out and the fish are left to dry under the sun.  They are mixed several times a day and sorted through to find fish that have gone bad and these are eliminated. All of this is done by hand. They are then put into a container with a thin layer of salt on to to help fermentation and avoid maggots.  Women and children work extremely hard in Vietnam.  We went to the fields where the fish were drying and I couldn’t help but notice in spite of this “fishy” job, the congenial attitude of the workers. I found this one woman to be quite a character and she was definitely not camera shy!




Week 31 – #38 Street Scenes

On a recent photography trip to Vietnam, one day our group decided  to hit the streets of Hanoi at 6 AM and see how the locals began their day. The streets were bustling at that hour with a combination of local women selling their produce, many people doing various forms of exercise, which included everything from lifting weights, yoga, stretching, dancing to even a singing group. One thing that was most noticeable is that the women of Hanoi seem to do the lions share of the work while you see the coffee shops lined up with men that appear to be enjoying a casual cup of coffee and a smoke!  Hanoi, Vietnam


Week 29 – #25 Places of Worship

Mahayana Buddhism  is the largest religion in Vietnam. There is a significant minority of Catholics Christians and Protestants.  Many citizens consider themselves non-religious but will practice traditional beliefs especially prevalent with the ethnic groups.  While visiting Vietnam we were privileged to photograph a Buddhist place or worship in South Vietnam in Xa Phuoc Nam.  Initially we were told that no women would be allowed and then eventually we were permitted inside after we removed our shoes and covered our heads.  Xa Phuoc Nam Buddhist Place of Worship