52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 11 # 51 Rule of Odds

Rule of odds, Christmas scene,Christmas Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Presents

The Rule of Odds states that photographs are visually more appealing when there are an odd number of subjects.  I decided to join  the early Christmas spirit with my photography.  I din’t originally intend for this shot to satisfy the Rule of Odds post but after I processed it I thought it would be perfect.  The photograph would not have the same feeling if I had introduced another element to make an even number of subjects.  This was shot in studio with a 60mm Macro lens at f11, 250 SS and Iso 160. Shh – here is a little food photography secret.   I discovered that shaving cream is a great substitute for whipped cream. It keeps its form for a much longer period of time and you are not temped to take a taste!



Week 10 #49 Portrait with F8 (Technical)

famiy portrait3-2

Getting the family together on Holidays is a challenge when everyone is spread out across the country.  This year we managed to get 3-5 families together in Westminster SC for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  The next challenge was coaxing them into a family portrait!  This is our silly version of the family portrait which seemed like an easier task than getting everyone to cooperate.  This was shot with OCF, F8, SS 250, ISO 125 at 44 mm.  Enjoy our silliness.


Week 9 # 39 Negative Space (Technical)

Negative Space, Red Chili Peppers, Bowl Red Chili Peppers, Cayenne Pepper, Flat Lie

Yes, two weeks in a row with Red Chili Pepper photos.  Before the peppers completely shriveled up, I thought I would try and satisfy another challenge.   For this weeks challenge I decided to design a flat lie with a fair amount of negative space for a more impactful photo.  Negative space in a photo pushes your eye to the main subject, in this case the bowl of Red Chili Peppers.  In a sense it gives your eye a place to rest in the photograph and gives the image more appeal in a subtle manner.  The peppers are gone now so onto other subjects.  Enjoy!


Week 7 – # 25 SOOC

Raspberries, Blackberries, Flat lie, Food Photography, Barn Wood

For this weeks challenge I decided to do a little experiment.  None of us like to show our photos SOOC (straight out of the camera) but this is something we should achieve to do to cut down on editing time.  I decided to set up a shot knowing that I was not going to do any editing.  It was tricky because I decided to further complicate things and shoot this in studio.  I had to get the lighting just right, take the photo in  a direction that would not require any cropping, have all of my props without any distractions or spots and have the lines of the wood straight.  When I downloaded this photo, I gave it careful inspection and thought – well what would I do if I could do any editing?  The answer is – “not much”.  I may bring up the contrast, lighten the shadows in the blackberries but other than that I am pleased to show you a photo SOOC. I used a 50 mm lens, f-8, 250 SS with a strobe on one side and a white bounce card on ther side.  Lesson learned?  Take more time in planning a shot and your editing time will be greatly reduced.


Week 5- #9 Product (Technical)

Coconut Water, Pour, Hands, product photographyFor this weeks challenge, I decided to try a product shot with a live model.  Fortunately I have a very cooperative (and good)  friend who came to my studio to lend me her pretty hands.  This shot was taken towards the end of many takes and I actually love the fact that I captured the overspill which was not necessarily intentional.   I think it added to the story!  What I did learn from this challenge is that although product shots may appear easy to achieve,  they are not. They require a well planned shot, a cooperative model, styling, technical lighting, and many takes.    The shot was taken with my Nikon D850, 70-200 mm  lens, F8, 250 SS  and 4 strobe lights.


Week 4 – #35 Color Harmony


Gourd, Pumpkin, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Color Balance, 52 Week Blog

So what is color harmony and why is it so important in photography?  Color harmony is the theory of combining colors in a fashion that is harmonious to the eye. In other words, what colors work well together in order to give a pleasing affect.  One photography passion of mine is to create a moody still life.  The composition and color harmony in a still life is important to the success of it’s creation.  When creating a still life, I normally seek out my subjects (which can be just about anything) and then I work on color balance to make the subject more interesting to view.  If you have questions about what colors work well together, please refer to a color wheel and play around with a few combinations to see what will enhance your photograph.


Week 3 – #3 Fill the Frame

Tomato, Macro Photography, Vegetables, Close Up Tomato

This Heirloom tomato looked so ripe and freshly picked from the vine, it was calling me for a “fill the frame shot”.  One of my favorite lenses is my 60mm Macro lens because of the ability to “fill the frame” and get very close to the subject.   This was taken at F40, 250 SS and Iso 100.  I used off camera flash with a snoot for directional lighting.