52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 31 #18 Forms in Nature

Forms in Nature

This past weekend I attended the Florida Council Camera Club conference.  One of the Lectures I attended was by Lisa Langdell, best known as a nature photographer.  Her workshop was on photographing abstracts in nature.  She demonstrated how one can “extract” a portion of a nature photograph you have captured and turn in into a  beautiful abstract piece of art.  While visiting the Naples Botanical Garden, I captured this water reflection in the lily pond.  Although the entire photo was rather boring I extracted several portions of the reflections and turned them into abstract pieces of art. To further demonstrate the beauty I placed them in a living room scene that I designed. This has certainly opened my eyes to not deleting those photos that don’t have immediate appeal.


Week 24 – #16 Macro/Close UP

Macro beach sceneMy continued convalescence has encouraged me to challenge myself with my photography.  With a few items from Michael’s craft store I was able to create a  beach scene.  I set up these mini beach items and a little sand  next to a window with extremely good natural light. I tried to mimic the bright sun by taking the photo at noon when the light is the harshest. I used my Nikon 105mm Macro lens and set the camera on a tripod. My settings were ISO 320, F-18 and SS 1/160.    After taking the photo into  Photoshop I decided that my set up deserved  a beautiful surf. With a little help from Google images, I was able to find a good match.   Makes me want to go to the beach but the excepted  high of the day is 50!!! Hardly beach weather.


Week 23 – #11 Four

Macro, 4 toothbrushes

To satisfy the “four” challenge, I decided to photograph four toothbrushes.  I’ve been housebound for several weeks while recovering from hip surgery which has give me a wonderful opportunity to do some macro photography with things around the house.  I experimented with different depths of field and after taking about 30 shots decided that I liked this one the best as it achieved my goal of getting the front brush in focus while blurring the rest.


Week 22 # 22 Ordinary Objects

Macro, spoon reflectionWhile recovering from my hip surgery I’ve been having some fun photographing ordinary items around the house. Yesterday, I decided to try a soup spoon which I placed on a Christmas Card.  I used my Macro lens with all natural light. As you can see, the reflective spoon picked up the reflection of the card nicely. It is amazing how many ordinary objects you have around the house that can be creatively photographed.


Week 21 – #8 Break the Rule of Thirds

macro egg, forks

I’ve always wanted to try this macro shot with the forks and the egg.  I only had brown eggs but actually I liked the contrast of the color. I also sprayed the egg with some water to add additional interest and texture.  My intention was to use this shot for the 52 week Challenge – “Macro” but once I got it into post production I decided to use it for “break the rule of thirds”.