52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 36 – #Part of a Face or Head


Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington DC

I attended college in the Washington DC area.  Last year I went to my unnamed college reunion and decided to spend a day visiting some of the memorials that were not built when I lived in the DC area.  I found the Martin Luther King memorial to be particularly inspiring.  The memorial itself is quite simple but it is the simplicity that evokes the emotion.   The statue of MLK sits in the center of the memorial and is an overpowering reminder of how far we have come with  the civil rights movement in this country.    One does to need to see his entire face to understand the power of his message.


Week 19 – #A2 Mono

Metro Station, Arlington VA

I recently traveled to Arlington VA for my “unnamed number” college reunion.  When I attended Marymount University the metro was not even in the planning stages. We reminiced about how we would walk to Howard Johnsons, affectionately called “HoJo’s”.  We took cabs into Georgetown as that was the only mode of transportation. We were not allowed to have cars on campus.  We ventured onto the Metro to do some sightseeing in Washington and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to navigate to the various stations.  As a photographer, I was enthralled by the photo opportunities and did manage to capture this photo prior to the train arriving.  I converted the photo into mono which was much more appealing than the yellow tinge from the underground lighting.


Week 17 – # 28 My First Visit to


Biltmore, Asheville NC

In late October a group of photo buddies took at trip to Chattanooga TN.  We decided to take a side trip to Maggie Valley NC and from there we made plans to visit the Biltmore estate.  Tickets were purchased ahead of time so the date could not be changed. In case you are not familiar with the Biltmore it has a fascinating history.  It is a 250-room French Renaissance chateau which originally encompassed 125,000 acres. Today the estate grounds consist of 8000 acres with various buildings and both formal and informal gardens.   The trees were just starting to turn and our group was very excited about photographing some of the gardens and the beginning of leaf change.   Mother Nature had other plans.  The weather that day was torrential rains and high winds.  The gardens and surrounding grounds were flooded.  Walking between buildings presented a challenge and we finally gave in to buying $4.00 ponchos in an attempt to keep us dry as well as our equipment.  The weather sure put a damper on our visit but at the very end of the day, the sun finally appeared and gave us an opportunity to have a lasting memory photo.  This was my first visit to the Biltmore and I hope to return in nicer weather to take advantage of the manicured gardens and surrounding areas.


Week 10 – #12 Hair

Ybor City, Tampa, FLYesterday was the Worldwide Photo Walk.  I decided to do the walk in Ybor City in Tampa.  I’d never been to that section and it was a great place for photographic opportunities.  We ventured over to the market during our walk where I noticed many interesting hair styles and color.  Ever the opportunist, I was able to capture some of these ladies to fulfill this weeks challenge.  Turquoise seemed to be a very popular hair color!


Week 7 – #15 Looking Up

Gap Town Clock. Gap PA

Gap Tower Clock, Gap PA

Not many grandparents would venture an 18 hour car trip with a 5 year old but that is exactly what we did.  Our son recently moved to Philadelphia (where we are from) and we wanted to take an extended trip there so driving was the best option.  I wasn’t sure how my grandson would do for all those hours in the car but the IPAD seemed to occupy him for hours on end.  When we got close to Philadelphia we decided to take a side trip to Strasburg PA to visit Thomas the Train.  Although I wasn’t terribly impressed with Thomas I did find some historic things to photograph.  Gap, PA has historic significance dating back to William Penn.  I managed to snap a photo of my grandson sitting on the “William Penn” rock.

The Gap Town Clock is where I found my image for “looking up”.  The Gap Clock Tower is about 40′ high.  I was standing directly underneath the tower and trying to get an angle on my camera for an upward image.  This tower was build in 1892 in Gap, PA where William Penn owned about 200 acres of property.  It’s quite an interesting town with a population of under 2000.