52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 3 – #10 Cozy/ Comfortable

hammockb&w_FotorSeveral months ago the  LWRDPC planned a field trip to Beer Can Island.  That trip was rained out so a few of us ventured to Longboat Key yesterday for another try at accessing the Island.   Due to beach erosion and a tangled forest of fallen Australian pines, the only means of getting to this strip of paradise is by boat or walking from Whitney Beach at low tide.  Although we did manage to get a few shots off before a storm set it, it’s definitely a place I’d like to return to try and capture the beauty and uniqueness of the Island.The sun was very bright so I decided to take the photo with my #10 Neutral Density filter to cut the glare.

What could be more comfortable or cozy then sitting in a hammock with waves lapping up at your feet?  It looked very inviting – just wondering where he went when the storm hit or when the tide comes in!