52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 38 #24 I found this

Doe, Myakka State Park FL

It was a very quiet day for wildlife at Myakka State Park today.  There were few birds and they were fairly inactive. Even though it is mating season for the alligators, they too were just soaking up the beautiful weather and enjoying the day.  On the drive out of the park, we spotted a mother dear and her doe.   We quickly jumped out of the car and managed to get a shot before it went scurrying after the mom.  I was fortunate to find this and be able to take a photo.



Week 36 – #Part of a Face or Head


Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington DC

I attended college in the Washington DC area.  Last year I went to my unnamed college reunion and decided to spend a day visiting some of the memorials that were not built when I lived in the DC area.  I found the Martin Luther King memorial to be particularly inspiring.  The memorial itself is quite simple but it is the simplicity that evokes the emotion.   The statue of MLK sits in the center of the memorial and is an overpowering reminder of how far we have come with  the civil rights movement in this country.    One does to need to see his entire face to understand the power of his message.