52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 48 – #36 Stitched Together


Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

Bac Ha Market, Vietnam

On a recent trip to Vietnam, we visited the Bac Ha Market in the northern mountain area of Vietnam.  This was one of the last stops on our itinerary of a 14 day photographic journey.  We were set to meet in the hotel lobby at 5:30AM and walk over to the market before the locals arrived.    It was a dark and rainy day and there was much grumbling within the group about visiting another market in the rain.    In spite of the time and weather conditions the overall thinking was that having traveled all that distance it would be a shame to miss out on some additional local culture.  We were not disappointed.  There were lots of colorful umbrellas and ponchos which added a new dimension to the outside portion of the market.  I wondered inside to get out of the rain and was particularly taken by the beautiful embroidered items.  These hats were intricately stitched with bright colors and designs.  I was able to purchase placemats and pillow covers with the same artistic stitching for a fraction of what it would cost in the USA.


Week 47 – #A2 Less is More


Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square PA, Orchid


Recently I purchased a Nikon 200mm Macro lens.  I’ve been wanting this lens for quite some time and finally found a bargain and made the purchase.  The overall function of the lens and the  minimum focusing distances  are a just a matter of practice.  Several weeks ago I went to Longwood Gardens in Pennsylvania and decided it was a great opportunity to try out the 200mm lens. Taking the entire picture of an object is something that photographers can do quite easily but isolating a small portion and maintaining the interest is something I strive for.  On my trip to Longwood Gardens , I decided to try “less is more” and achieved some very interesting results. This is a photo of a portion of an orchid where I just wanted to capture the elegance of the curve.


Week 46 – # 49 -Where the “Skyline” meets the sky

Chicago Skyline, Chicago IL

On a recent trip to Chicago I got to photograph the Chicago Skyline early in the morning before the city woke up.  This perspective is from from the North Avenue Pier.   It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky. With this clear and perfect day  it really accentuates the outline of the skyline and gave me a perfect opportunity for this weeks challenge – “Where the —– meets the sky.”


Week #45 – Musically Inclined


Over the weekend I wanted to practice some high key and low key shots.  I’ve been wanting my husband to take out his guitar that he hasn’t played in many years so I decided that this would be a great subject for my low key shot.  When the guitar came out of the case, I noticed that it was missing a string.  Fortunately there was an extra string in the case.  Once the strings were all fixed, I need to sort out the lighting for the low key shot.  This shot was taken indoors in day light.  I started with a completely black background and just kept adjusting the lights and aperture until just the hands were being lit and the background remained black.  I was completely happy with the results and hopefully now my husband will get back into his guitar playing and show me how musically inclined he really is.