52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life

Week 38 – #1 A Fairy Tail


Selby Gardens, Sarasota FLSelby Gardens in Sarasota, FL can be a magical place.  It always amazes me how the gardens can be transformed with each visit.  It can almost feel like a fairyland at times.  I know this statue is a mermaid but I gave her wings as it just seemed appropriate to her surroundings.  This photograph was taken on a tripod with bracketed exposures.  I then processed it in photomatix with  tone mapping.


Author: susanbeausang

What inspires a photographer?  My journey began taking product photos for my business.  I had a company that provided fashionable headscarves to women and girls with medical hair loss. Photos needed to be updated constantly and the expense of a photographer led me to my first camera about 5 years ago.  I’ve since sold the company but my love for photography has continued to grow.   I’m constantly looking for new places, people, food, new colors – just about anything and everything appeals to me through my lens.   Suddenly light shapes, colors, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers…. everything around me looks different when I start to see the world as a photographer. For me, an image captures more emotion than your native eye or a written word.  Lingering on images that I have taken and reliving the scene, person or thing is like reading my favorite story over and over again only with the benefit of a visual companion.  I love to study the light and the composition and see how I can tell the story through the lens.  Everyday objects can be exciting when I think of them as capturing a moment in time. Once I started to notice details I realized there was beauty all around me.   My photography allows me to share my perspective with others; it allows me to tell my story and for that I am grateful.  As the lens opens to capture an image, so do my eyes. Susan M. Beausang- susan@smbphotos.com - www.smbphotos.com 8049 Tybee Court, University Park, FL 34201 215-421-9668

4 thoughts on “Week 38 – #1 A Fairy Tail

  1. You captured the fairytale feeling…very nice.


  2. Beautiful magical image. The processing is ace. Thank you for sharing how you did it.


  3. very clever! well done!


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