52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 39- #42 The Wild Side

Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge Fort Myer FLThis year I attended the F3C workshop in Fort Myer FL.  One of the workshops was to The Caloosahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.This  is part of the United States Wildlife Refuge System, located on the Caloosachatchee River, beneath the I-75 Caloosahatchee Bridge, within the city of North Fort Myers.  The 40-acre  refuge was established on January 1, 1921. It is administered as part of the J.N.” ‘Ding’ Darling National Wildlife Complex. Although the animals were caged, each enclosure had an opening wide enough for a lens.  It was a great photo opportunity to capture the animals showing their wild side.



Week 38 – #1 A Fairy Tail

Selby Gardens, Sarasota FLSelby Gardens in Sarasota, FL can be a magical place.  It always amazes me how the gardens can be transformed with each visit.  It can almost feel like a fairyland at times.  I know this statue is a mermaid but I gave her wings as it just seemed appropriate to her surroundings.  This photograph was taken on a tripod with bracketed exposures.  I then processed it in photomatix with  tone mapping.


Week 37 – #A5 Seasonal

One of the things I miss the most from my years of living in Philadelphia is the spring season foliage.  The dogwoods are particularly beautiful this time of year. Dogwoods grow 20 to 30-ft.  They have horizontal branches so usually has a spread wider than the height.  Flowers color ranges from white to various shades of pink to red. Nice red berries in early fall and great red fall leaf color.  I spotted this dogwood on a country road in West Chester.  The season for these glorious blooms is short lived so I was glad that I was able to be in Philadelphia during the short blooming season.  Dogwood Tree, West Chester PA

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Week 35-#47 Waiting

This past weekend I traveled to Philadelphia to visit my son’s family.  Last Christmas I purchased gift certificates for my granddaughters (age 9 & 7) for horseback riding lessons.  Having formerly owned a few horses myself, I would love to see them involved in riding.  We booked a lesson and I captured a few photos while they were waiting for their horses to be saddled.  Bella (7 year old) was a bit apprehensive about riding in the outdoor ring but the weather was so spectacular that I urged her to give it a try.  After a 10 minute wait, they were all saddled up and had a great riding lesson.  Riding lesson wait


Week 34 – #27 Quaint and Quirky

Vietnam, returning home from fields, cowsOn a recent trip to Vietnam, we spent some time in the Loi Hai Village to photograph the villagers returning from working in the fields.  It is like a trip back in time!  The setting is glorious and it is truly a very old fashioned way of life.  Although I didn’t get to see exactly where home was, I can use my imagination to see very quaint and idyllic huts.


Week 33 – #29 Shot at 9AM

My husband and I have lived in Florida for 17 years. When we initially came to Sarasota from Philadelphia I was pretty adamant about not living in a gated community or a golfing community.  We found a charming neighborhood in downtown Sarasota and lived there for 16 years in 3 different homes within a house of each other. We went from 2500 Sq feet to 4000 Sq feet and then back to 2500 Sq feet.  I’ve been itching to “go condo” for several years but my husband was just not ready. Finally last year, I convinced him and we did what we hope will be our final downsizing and move. We found a charming complex in the University Park area.  I walk to the gym most mornings and was waiting for the perfect light to take this photo.  About a month ago at 9AM, it was slightly overcast so I setup my camera and tripod and captured this charming view of our complex.