52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 28 – #51 Windowscapes

Selby Gardens, Chagall Exhibit, Sarasota FL window2If you haven’t been to the Mark Chagall exhibit at the Selby Gardens, you should make a point of getting there. The exhibit runs from February 12- July 31st.  It’s called “Flowers, and the French Riviera, the Color of Dreams.  From the moment you walk into the conservatory you get a sense of European flair with window scapes, stained glass windows and a magnificent display of flowers to reinforce the importance that flowers played in his art work.  After enjoying your “South of France” experience in the conservatory, you can wonder the grounds and experience flora that evoke the area where the artist sent much of the later part of his life. You can get a real feel for the beauty of nature that inspired his work.



Week 27 – #45 Underneath

Heron, Venice Rookery, Venice FLWhat is underneath that wing?  I decided to do a little research on this often seen behavior in birds to discover it is called ‘dust bathing’.  Birds will vigorously wriggle  their bodies and flap their wings. This disperses loose dust and dirt into the air. The birds spread one or both wings which allows the debris to fall between the feathers and reach the skin.  The dust bath is often followed by thorough shaking to further ruffle the feathers which may be accompanied with preening using their bill.  So that explains exactly what was ‘underneath’ that wing!