52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life

Week 14 – #17 Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece


Chald Festival, Venice FlChald Festival, Venice FlThe Chalk Festival in Venice presented me with a unique opportunity to fulfill this weeks challenge – missing piece.  The first image is the artists rendering of the exhibit they planned to draw/paint for the Chalk Festival.  Take a close look at the drawing which includes foliage at the top of each of the structures.  The second image is the actual exhibit where they cleverly left off the top of the structures – intentionally – and used available trees behind their exhibit to fill in the missing top piece.  The imagination and creativity used for this exhibit was truly impressive.


Author: susanbeausang

What inspires a photographer?  My journey began taking product photos for my business.  I had a company that provided fashionable headscarves to women and girls with medical hair loss. Photos needed to be updated constantly and the expense of a photographer led me to my first camera about 5 years ago.  I’ve since sold the company but my love for photography has continued to grow.   I’m constantly looking for new places, people, food, new colors – just about anything and everything appeals to me through my lens.   Suddenly light shapes, colors, textures, people, buildings, trees, flowers…. everything around me looks different when I start to see the world as a photographer. For me, an image captures more emotion than your native eye or a written word.  Lingering on images that I have taken and reliving the scene, person or thing is like reading my favorite story over and over again only with the benefit of a visual companion.  I love to study the light and the composition and see how I can tell the story through the lens.  Everyday objects can be exciting when I think of them as capturing a moment in time. Once I started to notice details I realized there was beauty all around me.   My photography allows me to share my perspective with others; it allows me to tell my story and for that I am grateful.  As the lens opens to capture an image, so do my eyes. Susan M. Beausang- susan@smbphotos.com - www.smbphotos.com 8049 Tybee Court, University Park, FL 34201 215-421-9668

2 thoughts on “Week 14 – #17 Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece

  1. Good imagination on their part, and good eye getting your photo.

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  2. That’s thinking outside the box! Great creativity on all fronts. Great image.

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