52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 15 – #33 Something with Wings

Celery Fields Sarasota FL Great EgretI am brand new to bird photography – literally- I’ve been out once.  I managed to capture this bird that I think is a Great Egret which is part of the Heron family.  It is sometimes also referred to as a Great White Egret.  I loved the way the wings were gracefully spread to almost appear as the bird was dancing.  Bird photography is fun – I may become a “birder” yet!



Week 14 – #17 Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece

Chald Festival, Venice FlChald Festival, Venice FlThe Chalk Festival in Venice presented me with a unique opportunity to fulfill this weeks challenge – missing piece.  The first image is the artists rendering of the exhibit they planned to draw/paint for the Chalk Festival.  Take a close look at the drawing which includes foliage at the top of each of the structures.  The second image is the actual exhibit where they cleverly left off the top of the structures – intentionally – and used available trees behind their exhibit to fill in the missing top piece.  The imagination and creativity used for this exhibit was truly impressive.


Week 13 – #20 Negative Space

Chalk Festival, Venice FLYesterday I visited the Chalk Festival in Venice.  One of the first things I noticed was the long line of “PortaPotties” and how they stood out in the field against the blue sky.  I took several different perspectives of them but this one caught my eye as a great example of negative space.  This was the first day for the festival and the artists were just getting underway with their projects.  Although I didn’t get to see any finished art work it was still amazing to see the process and how they develop their vision for their space.  There were so many artists from all over the world and quite interesting to talk to them.  I hope to go back this week to see the finished creations.