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52 Weeks of Susan's Life

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Week 11 – #43 Tools of the Trade

YborCity, Tampa FL, Cigar Making

CigarMaking, Ybor City, Tampa Fl

On a recent trip to Ybor City in Tampa Fl, I visited a Tabanero Cigar Shop where cigars are made on premise.  What I did notice is how quickly things happened in this process.  After doing a little research, I discovered that Tabanero Cigars has gone from making 200 cigars per month to 10,000 in six years.   That is a huge production output for seemingly such a small operation!


Week 10 – #12 Hair

Ybor City, Tampa, FLYesterday was the Worldwide Photo Walk.  I decided to do the walk in Ybor City in Tampa.  I’d never been to that section and it was a great place for photographic opportunities.  We ventured over to the market during our walk where I noticed many interesting hair styles and color.  Ever the opportunist, I was able to capture some of these ladies to fulfill this weeks challenge.  Turquoise seemed to be a very popular hair color!