52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 5 – #28 Repeat Patterns

Sarasota National Cemetery Sarasota Fl

Sarasota National Cemetery Sarasota FL

On my way back from a trip to Myakka State Park, I noticed an unusual structure that was associated with a cemetery.  I spotted a great photo opportunity for repeat patterns!  Sarasota National Cemetery is a 295-acre  United States National Cemetery  Administered by the United States Veteran Affairs. It was the sixth national cemetery developed in Florida and is expected to hold more than ten burials per day for the next ten years as World War II and Korean veterans die.

I was impressed by the precision of the headstones which lent itself to  interesting repetitive patterns.  I loved the contrast of the headstones and the beautiful blue sky but I also like the photo in black and white.


Week 4 – #32 Signage

On my recent trip to Chicago to pick up my grandson, I had the privilege of meeting my son’s new girlfriend.  With 5 sons this ritual of being introduced to a new girlfriend seems like second hand to me now.  After dinner we went to her newly purchased townhouse where my eye caught her dishtowels with very clever sayings.  I thought this a great photo op for signage.



Week 3 – #10 Cozy/ Comfortable

hammockb&w_FotorSeveral months ago the  LWRDPC planned a field trip to Beer Can Island.  That trip was rained out so a few of us ventured to Longboat Key yesterday for another try at accessing the Island.   Due to beach erosion and a tangled forest of fallen Australian pines, the only means of getting to this strip of paradise is by boat or walking from Whitney Beach at low tide.  Although we did manage to get a few shots off before a storm set it, it’s definitely a place I’d like to return to try and capture the beauty and uniqueness of the Island.The sun was very bright so I decided to take the photo with my #10 Neutral Density filter to cut the glare.

What could be more comfortable or cozy then sitting in a hammock with waves lapping up at your feet?  It looked very inviting – just wondering where he went when the storm hit or when the tide comes in!


Week 2 – #A1 Insects


Wolf Spider, Sarasota FL. Topaz Glow

Orchard Spider

I’ve been stalking this  spider for months. The location of this web is right outside my lanai door so quite often the act of opening the door will partially knock down the web.  It seems just as soon as it’s knocked down, the next day it’s recreated.  I read that spiders build their webs at night, often eating the old silk and recycling it for the new web so weaving a web does not take that long.

This shot called for my macro lens (105mm Nikon).  I sprayed the web (which the spider did not care for at all) and hand held my camera with a speed flash attached.  I believe this to be a Leucauge venusta spider known for it’s bright green legs with splashes of orange.  The body is neon in nature so I decided to run this image through Topaz Glow for a cool affect.


Week 1 – #35 – Starts with a “C”

Have you ever heard of a “Corpse Plant”?  Yesterday I received an email from Selby Botanical Gardens informing me that  ‘Audrey’, the famous corpse plant  was in bloom!  ‘Seymour’ the other corpse plant at Selby had already bloomed in late July.  The Amorphoplallus titanium, or corpse flower, can grow up to 12 feet tall, and once its petals unfurl, the flower releases a scent that’s been described as “rotten meat with hints of garlic” and a “steaming dumpster.”


Seymour, Corpse Plant Selby Gardens, Sarasota FL


The corpse plant requites special  conditions  in order for the flower to bloom. The plant favors the kind of hot and humid conditions found in its native Sumatra, Indonesia, and can take up to 10 years for its first bloom. After that, the plant blooms every three to four years.   The last time these plants bloomed at Selby was in 2014.

Interested in learning more?

BTW – the smell was less pungent than expected.

Corpse Plant, Selby Botanical Garden, Sarasota FL