52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 52 – #41 Shades of Grey


This is my final entry for the 52 Week Photo Challenge for 2015-16.  I’m sad to see the year’s challenges end but in just 8 days – a new challenge begins!  For my last entry I took this photo at the Denver Zoo of a A Rocky Mountain  Big Horn Sheep.  He blended so well with  his environment that I almost missed him.  I converted to greyscale which really brought out all the shades of grey.  One interesting fact about this animal is that their  horns can weigh 30 pounds —more than all the bones in their body combined. I imagine that the neck muscles are particularly strong to accommodate having to balance that much weight. 


Week 50 -# 24 Loud Noises


Siesta Key Beach FL FireworksSiesta Key Beach FL, Fireworks

Last night I had the opportunity to photograph the July 4th Fireworks on Siesta Key.  I have a friend that has a condo on the beach with an open lanai.  I wasn’t exactly sure where the fireworks were going to be set off, however if you have ever been to Siesta Key on July 4th, the crowds on the beach put on their own show before, during and after the main attraction. I have not shot fireworks before but did some advanced research. Its all in the timing!  I was on a tripod but the explosions were not consistently in the same spot which led to many bad shots. I did manage to catch a few. Good thing my sweet labradoodle stayed home  because the loud noises of the fireworks leave him panting and hiding under a bed.

Siesta Key Beach FL, fireworks

Siesta Key Beach FL, fireworks

Siesta Key Beach FL, fireworks

Siesta Key Beach FL, fireworks