52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 43 – #42 Silhouette

silhouette3_Fotor  We live so close to Siesta Beach but rarely go at Sunset.  Tonight the weather was simply perfect.  The sunset was not spectacular but it did give me an opportunity to take a silhouette photo.  The serenity of this evening has convinced me to make an effort to experience more sunsets on this beautiful beach.



Week 42 – #12 Diamonds

diamonds_FotorAfter spending an afternoon photographing a piece of my jewelry to satisfy this weeks challenge (diamonds),  I determined that jewelry photography is very difficult!  I like to challenge my photography skills and this project definitely fit that bill.   I struggled with the reflections – even the pearls reflect!  I used my Nikon 105mm Macro lens,  F-20, ISO 160, SS 0.6.  This was taken  mid-day with natural light on a covered lanai. I put a golden filter on this to enhance the pearls. Once I downloaded the photos onto my computer, I noticed how badly my pearls needed to be cleaned!    All in all, I was satisfied with the result. Now back to the safety deposit box!


Weel 41 – #10 Dawn’s Light

blogSunrise_FotorSeveral months ago, I set my alarm for a very early hour and drove over to Anna Marie Island to see the sign rise.  Normally an early riser, this hour tested my ability to function before the sun is up!  Anna Marie is about 45 minutes from where I live but it was worth every missed minute of sleep.  I had literally taken my new camera out of the box the night before (Nikon D750) and this was it’s maiden voyage.  I bracketed the photos  one stop apart with 7 exposures.  I processed them in Photomax with Exposure Fusion. It was well worth the sacrifice of an hour or so of sleep to witness this beautiful sunrise.


Week 40 – #29 Moody

On a recent trip to see my son, I had the opportunity to spend a few days with his girlfriends cat.  I will admit to not being a cat person.  You know the old saying that cats can  sense when someone is not a feline lover and this cat definitely had my number.  “Poppy” seemed to be a very moody cat and I was able to capture a few examples of her various moods.  After the weekend, I was most happy to return to my lovable and happy Labradoodle.


Week 39 -A1 – A Kiss

kissAs many times as I’ve passed the “Unconditional Surrender” statue, I never took the time to really explore the history.  This statue is actually a series of sculptures  by Alfred Eisenstaedt, V-1 day in Times Square, but said by Johnson to be based on a similar, less well known, photograph by Victor Jorgensen. The original statue was first installed in 2005 here in Sarasota, then moved to San Diego, California, and New York City.  Copies have been installed in Hamilton, NJ, Pearl Harbor HI and Normandy France.

Sarasota’s first version of the 25 ft tall statue was made from Styrofoam as a temporary exhibition but was later created  in aluminum.  The Styrofoam version sold for $542,500, the aluminum version at $980,000 and in bronze $1.140,000.

Interest in a revisit to Sarasota in 2009 was cultivated by a director of a Bayfront biannual show and an aluminum copy was placed at the Bayfront, again temporarily. An “88-year-old donor, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II” offered to pay half a million dollars for it against an initial asking price of $680,000

“An automobile crash occurred on April 26, 2012 during which the Sarasota copy of the statue was struck by a vehicle and was damaged. The impact knocked about a 3-foot-wide hole out of the sailor’s foot and added more hairline cracks to its frame. This led to the statue being taken down by the city, which laid the statue onto its side, close to the site, while insurance companies negotiate over liability and repair issues. The minimum distance for a road hazard established by the state of Florida is fourteen feet, but barely met that standard because it was erected near one of the busiest and most complex intersections in the city. The statue attracted visitors who gathered around the base and often backed up to the curb to take photographs. No one was present when the automobile jumped the curb and careened into the statue. Debate about returning the statue to that location has begun, with an editorial calling for moving the statue to a safer location, as had been advocated by critics before the statue was placed for the controversial ten-year display.The statue was re-erected near the Sarasota shoreline in December 2012.”

I decided to take a night shot of the statue basked in the street light. I used a Nikon 20mm wide angle lens on a tripod-100 ISO, Fstop-14 and SS 8 seconds.


Week 38 – #36 Out of Focus

getcoI’ve really been enjoying exploring the Macro world.  I use my Nikon 105mm most times but occasionally I will try to get a similar affect with my Nikon 28-300mm  lens to see what affect I can achieve.  While looking for interesting subjects at Selby Gardens, i came across this little guy who seemed to want to cooperate for the camera. I put my F-stop at 5.6 and cranked my lens all the way out to 300mm.  I was hoping for some part of him to be in focus and was pleased with the results of just his head being clear and the rest of him out of focus.