52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 30 – #A4 Patriotism

Over the weekend,  I attended the Lemon Bay Festival Cracker Fair.  It’s a celebration of Englewood Florida’s  past, featuring tours and a series of informative Englewood history programs.  Part of the fair was a 4 week long photography contest which I had participated in.  I went to the festival to receive my award certificates having placed 3-4 weeks with various photographs.

I came across these gentlemen who were dressed in confederate attire.  They weren’t true “reenactment” believers but nevertheless, were extremely patriotic and very knowledgeable about that period of history.  I thought this to be a wonderful opportunity to satisfy my blog post for “patriotism”.



Week 29 – #A6 Sunset

Sunset, Marina Jack's, City Island, Sarasota FLWhen you live in Florida, it’s hard not to catch a beautiful sunrise or sunset.  The colors are majestic and at times it can seem like the sky is on fire.  I took this several weeks ago when my siblings were visiting me. It’s always nice when the sky cooperates for visitors so your tails of incredible sunsets are believable.  We had just come from Selby Gardens where we enjoyed taking shots of the beautiful flowers   I was shooting Nikon and my sister was shooting Sony.  My brother is from the old school(and I mean really old)  of film days.  He was struggling to keep up with the winding and changing of his film only to find out that he didn’t get any shots because his film unwound in the camera. Can anyone remember those days?  I will send him a few shots and continue to encourage him enter the digital world and get to enjoy sunsets like this for more than just a few minutes.