52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 13 – #31 Neon

Painting with light, City Island, Sarasota FLI love the abstract art result when doing painting with light photography.    My model was a girl with two hula hoops with bright colored lights. The manner in which she handled both hoops at the same time, led me to believe she’s been doing this for awhile.   With my camera on a tripod, I set my F-stop to 5.6, ISO 100 and shutter speed at 1.6 to achieve this piece of art.


Week 12 – #47 The Eye

Bearded cow, The Apple Orchard, Woodstock IL

On my recent trip to Chicago, we went to a country fair where I came across this breed of cow known as a Long Haired Highland Cow.  I know it was a cow as opposed to a bull by the direction the horns were facing…up for cow, down for bull.  I learned that The Highland breed has lived for centuries in the rugged remote Scottish Highlands.  The highland cow has a thick shaggy coat that keeps it warm against wind and rain. Plus, the wavy coat also gives it an endearingly silly appearance. The breed has the longest hair of any breed of cattle.  The horns certainly make it look extremely menacing but these cows are actually very docile.  This guy gave me a great photo opportunity for this weeks photo challenge!


Week 11 – #8 Common Cliché Phrase: Bring Home the Bacon

All Seasons Orchard, Woodstock IL,Pig RacubgPig Racing, All Seasons Orchard, Woodstock ILPig Racing, All Seasons Orchard, Woodstock ILLet’s just say, I never envisioned myself at a Pig Race but I often say: “never say never”.  On a recent trip to see my son in Chicago, we visited the All Seasons Orchard in Woodstock IL.  October is the perfect time of the year to be in this part of the country. The temperatures are delightfully cool and crisp and the Orchard had signs of fall everywhere- chrysanthemums, pumpkin patch, apple picking, apple cannon, changing leaves, corn stalk maze and even pig racing.

The race is set up similar to dog racing only there is no rabbit to entice the pigs to run.  After 6 races I still can’t figure out exactly what makes them run but apparently they  are rewarded with Oreo cookies at the end of the race. The pigs are loaded into a starting gate and at the sound of the bell they are off and running. I’m not sure if and when I will attend another pig race but  at least I have some cool photos.


Week 10 – #27 In the Park

Australian Labradoodle, Island Park, Sarasota FLI Island State Park, Sarasota FL, Australian Labradoodle

Island State Park, Sarasota FL, Australian LabradoodleI know everyone proclaims the same thing about their pet, but our dog Barnum, a 6 year old Australian Labradoodle is the absolute perfect pet.  He so even tempered and lovable; he just wants to please you all day long.  The other night, we took him to Island Park at Marina Jack’s for a “photo session”.  He posed and remained calm for about an hour while I poked my camera at him.  Even when other dogs went by, he kept his cool.    His reward? – A ball throwing session which he can do for hours. His coordination never ceases to amaze me.  Even  though it seems his vision is partially obstructed by his hair cut,  he never misses the ball. If you are in the market for a pet, check out Australian Labradoodles.  It’s a fabulous breed.