52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 9 – #27 Memories

The Great Falls, Paterson New Jersey, Paterson Great Falls National Historic park

Can you see the rainbow?

he Great Falls Passaic River, Paterson New Jersey, Historic National Park, Waterfall

Silky Waterfall, Slow Shutter Speed.

The Great Falls, Historic National Park, Paterson, New Jersey

Recently I traveled to New Jersey for my “unnamed number” high school reunion.  Once I left for college, I really didn’t spend that much time in New Jersey so I thought it might be fun to visit some memorable things from my youth.  In my early childhood, I lived in Paterson  where my Dad was a physician. My grandparents lived very close to the ‘Great Falls’ which is a prominent waterfalls on the Passaic River. I hadn’t been there is more than 30 years.  The Great Falls is one of the largest waterfalls  (77 feet high) in the United States. Congress established the falls as a National Historic Park in 2009 and it is now administered by the National Park Service.   Unfortunately with the drought that New Jersey has been experiencing, the waterfall was not so “great” but it was still an awesome sight.  When I first arrived at the waterfall, the guide told me I was in time for the “rainbow” which occurs at a certain time in the morning. If you look closely at the waterfall with the bridge you can see the rainbow colors.  I didn’t travel with my tripod but I wanted to try a slow shutter speed to see if I could achieve the silky appearance of the water.  I used the railing of the bridge to steady my camera.  I set the ISO to 125, F-Stop at 20 and shutter speed at 1/15 second. The second picture of the falls is with the slow shutter speed.  I was very pleased with the result considering it was without the benefit of the tripod.  If you want to learn more about The Great Falls, here is a link:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Falls_%28Passaic_River%29.  Enjoy…

Susan Beausang



Week 8 – #1 A Part of Me

Wawa,Wawacoffee,Wawa soft pretzelWawa Tasty Cake, Wawa convenience storeWawa soft pretzels, Wawa convenience store

“Wawa”  – sounds like a baby crying or a sad trombone but it’s actually a convenience store so ingrained in my family life over the years that just the mere mention of the word floods me with memories from my 37 years spent in Philadelphia.  When  have you heard of a convenience store that has it’s own fan club and brags more than 1 million likes on it’s Facebook page?  So you ask, what is the obsession?  Well if you talk to my boys, on the top of their list are the Amoroso Rolls that Wawa sells and uses for it’s famed hoagies.  So dedicated are my boys to Amoroso rolls that they often have them shipped to where they live, even as far as Alaska!  And don’t forget the Tastykakes or the soft pretzels! Some make claim that Wawa coffee is the best you can buy ANYWHERE.  Just ask my husband – who would not drink any coffee that was not brewed in Wawa.  In fact for his 40th birthday present, I purchased a year’s worth of take out coffee for him.  The ultimate gift according to him!

Wawa is celebrating it’s 50th year. They are now expanding to other states which is exciting for us Wawa fanatics.  Several weeks ago, I drove to Anna Marie Island to catch the sunrise.  I happened to notice a newly opened Wawa on the way. Nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks.  So as crazy as it sounds Wawa is A Part of Me (and my family).  Welcome to Florida Wawa.   Here are some interesting links about Wawa facts!

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Week 7 – Rusty #40

Rustyletters,SarasotaArhetecturalSalvage, letters, designYesterday, a few of my photography buddies and I discovered  the Sarasota Architectural Salvage.  If you haven’t been there,  it’s a treasure trove of photography opportunities.  It’s so jammed packed (inside and out) with unique items, it really takes more than one visit to appreciate everything. I spent two hours there and took hundreds of pictures but I can assure you I will be going back again for another session.  I couldn’t decide whether to use these rusty metal letters for the ‘rusty’ theme or for the ‘letters’ theme,  but finally decided it was a great photo to depict rust. There is no shortage of rust at the SAS if you are looking for old and unique items.   Just a block away is the Circus Salvage which also looked quite interesting.  If you haven’t been to either one of these places, I highly recommend them.

Susan M. Beausang