52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 23- #20 HDR

White Rose HDR, white Rose


I’m not a fan of roses; in fact my husband is under strict instructions not to buy me roses when he is in the mood to buy  flowers.  I’m not sure exactly what my aversion is to roses but there are other flowers that I much prefer.  Several weeks ago, a white rose crept into my house.   Of all the colors of roses, white seems to have the least definition and color range.  I decided to try and take several exposures and create an  HDR image.  I was pleasantly surprised how fusing different exposures brought out the dynamic color range of this flower. I won’t be running out to buy more roses but if one happens to show up in my house, I will take out my camera and try and find some beauty.


Week 22 – #38 Serenity in Nature

West Chester PA horse farm, snowy day

I’ve been visiting Philadelphia for the holidays and enduring the unseasonable cold temperatures.  Having lived in the NE for most of my life, I know how cold it can get on these blustery days.  Snow was in the forecast for part of the week and I was really anticipating a white Christmas.  I find an early morning snowfall to be so peaceful, serene and magical.  We didn’t get our white Christmas but yesterday morning we awoke to 4 inches of beautiful white snow.  I quickly grabbed my 56 Velvet Lens Baby and got in the car in search of a peaceful, untouched nature scene.  These horses did not disappoint me.  They were not bothered by me and continued to try to find the grass beneath the snow.  After a snow fall, it seems so quite and peaceful  and it was a great opportunity for some photos before the snow plows and people invaded this beautiful nature scene .


Week 21 – #16 Favorite Holiday

Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square PA, Christmas

Anyone who really knows me appreciates how much of a”humbug” I can be around the holidays.  It’s not that I’m not spiritual or relish in the meaning of Christmas, it’s more to do with the over saturation of the holiday even before Halloween!  As the holiday gets closer, the frenzy seems to escalate.  So you are asking why I’m blogging about this being a favorite holiday?  What I do love it the transformation that takes place everywhere with the festive decorations.  It’s hard not to appreciate the beauty around you.  What I do love is to take pictures this time of year. Yesterday I went to Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square PA.  I was there in the spring and knew a second trip (or more) was in my future.  I am happy I didn’t miss their holiday extravaganza.  When I see displays of this magnitude I marvel at the man hours that must go into transforming these places into magical scenes.  It was difficult to choose just one photo to post here and it was also difficult to capture all the beauty in just one trip.


Week 20 – #14 Emotional



Vietnam Memoria, Washington DC

This was my first visit to the Vietnam Memorial and what an emotional journey it was.  I grew up in the Vietnam War error and 6 months ago I satisfied my curiosity about the country by visiting there for several weeks.  I know many men who served in the war as well as many that lost their lives fighting alongside the Vietnamese.  I found the Vietnamese people to be most gracious and hospitable to Americans with absolutely no negativity concerning the long war that took place in their homeland.  The Vietnam Memorial is a beautiful memorial built to engage the emotions of it’s visitors which is certainly the reaction that I had during my visit.  It is definitely a wonderful tribute to the brave women and men who served in this war and did not return home.  Sorry for the three photos but one photo did not do justice to the emotional magnitude of this memorial


Week 19 – #A2 Mono

Metro Station, Arlington VA

I recently traveled to Arlington VA for my “unnamed number” college reunion.  When I attended Marymount University the metro was not even in the planning stages. We reminiced about how we would walk to Howard Johnsons, affectionately called “HoJo’s”.  We took cabs into Georgetown as that was the only mode of transportation. We were not allowed to have cars on campus.  We ventured onto the Metro to do some sightseeing in Washington and were pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to navigate to the various stations.  As a photographer, I was enthralled by the photo opportunities and did manage to capture this photo prior to the train arriving.  I converted the photo into mono which was much more appealing than the yellow tinge from the underground lighting.


Week 18 – #3 Abandoned

Chattanooga TN abandoned barm

While traveling to Chattanooga TN with some photography friends, one morning we went in search of barns.  It was a beautiful fall day and the weather was just perfect. The trees were jut beginning to change color and the sky was glorious.  About 25 minutes outside of Chattanooga we came across an abandoned barn with a beautiful backdrop of the Tennessee mountains.  When I see views like this, it makes me miss this type of topography and my Northeastern roots.