52 Week Challenge

52 Weeks of Susan's Life


Week 16 #15 Leading Lines


Alaska Mountain Range, Snowy Mountains, Snow covered street, Blue Sky, Anchorage, AKPeople always question my decision to visit Alaska in the winter but my son and his wonderful family live there so weather is not a deterrent.  In addition, where can you get a vista like this in Florida?  This day was extremely cold but the blue sky and snow covered trees beckoned me for a few shots. Normally I would place my camera on a tripod and perhaps do a bracketed shot but at 4 degrees one has to improvise. I quickly got out of the car and snapped a few photos before my hands and camera froze! This was shot hand held at with a Nikon D850, 28-300 mm lens, 1/50 SS, Iso 100 at 50 mm.  I added a subtle white vignette.



Week 15 – #29 Sky Overlay


Alaska, Anchorage, Snowy Street, Snow covered trees, snow

I traveled to Anchorage AK to spend Christmas with my family.  Anchorage is having a snowy winter which  I was very excited about.  The first day of my visit was just glorious;  blue skies and snow covered trees – a true winter wonderland.  After a full day of traveling, I was too tired to take any photos.  I knew I was going to be there for 8 days so no rush to take the camera out into the elements.  It turns out I missed an opportunity to photograph the snow covered trees with a blue sky backdrop  as most of the remaining days were overcast and grey.   I decided this was a great oppotyunity to do a sky overlay.

I captured this refracted snowy scene with my crystal ball but the sky was rather dreary.    I used Luminar to do the sky replacement and attempted to recreate the blue sky that I missed photographing on my first day.


Week 14- #47 My Back Yard

Moose,Male Moose, Antlers, Alaska, Anchorage AK

I was fortunate enough to travel to Anchorage AK for the holidays where my son lives with his family.  Although this isn’t technically “my backyard” it was my backyard for the 10 days that I was there.  I know when you live in AK moose sightings are fairly common but for someone from Florida seeing a large moose in your backyard is not something one would expect.  Moose roam freely in the yards of this neighborhood and go about their crazing unfazed.  I know that moose can be aggressive.  I was told they are agitated when the hair on their neck stands out so I proceeded with extreme caution.  Mr. Moose cooperated just long enough for me to snap a shot.


Week 13 # 32 Wild Card

Snow scene, old book, glasses, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Cookies. Snowy trees

Joy and Good Cheer to all!

For the last post of 2018, I decided to try and recreate a peaceful winter scene that conveys the sprit of the holiday.    Several months ago I purchased an old window from the Sarasota Architectural Salvage that I have been anxious to use for a still life photo.   Although the window is exactly what I had been looking for (a dated window with chipped paint and old glass), it is very heavy.  In order to create this scene I had to find a place to safely prop the window.   I ended up leaning the window against the garage door and placed a dark background behind the glass.   I also added some fabric on one side of the window to recreate a curtain.  Once I got the lighting situated I began to shoot some scenes.  Originally I was just going to add falling snow to the windows but I decided to look for a snowy scene to put behind the window to make it more realistic.  It was a great lesson in select and mask which is something I’ve wanted to improve on for quite some time.  Once I was happy with the outside scene, I did add some falling snow.

As with most still life set ups, the time involved is usually lengthy. I knew the bubbles in the coffee cup would not stay fresh looking for long.  Tip of the week – use a small amount of coffee and dish washing liquid with an eyedropper to make lasting bubbles.   This was shot with a Nikon D850, 60 Macro lens, SS 250, F-11 with a soft box to the right of the scene and another small flash situated in the front to add some light to the cookies.  Wishing all 52 Week Bloggers a joyous and happy holiday and peace and good health for the coming year.  Susan Beausang

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Week 12 -#2 Quiet Moment

Holiday Candle, Christmas Candle, Christmas Greens, Candle FlameBurning scented candles in my home has a very calming affect on me.   The soft illumination helps to reduce  stress and almost creates a meditative state. The low light that comes from a candle flame is  captured by my sight and sent straight to my brain for a calming affect. During the holidays I  normally have a pine scented candle burning. Other scents that I love are lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus spearmint,  rosemary, jasmine and sage.  I don’t particularly like sweet smelling candles.  I hope you find that this photo evokes a quiet and calming moment in your day.  This was taken with a Nikon D850, 105 mm Macro lens, F 14 with a soft box on the left side and multiple black boards to the right to absorb light.


Week 11 # 51 Rule of Odds

Rule of odds, Christmas scene,Christmas Cookies, Hot Chocolate, Christmas Presents

The Rule of Odds states that photographs are visually more appealing when there are an odd number of subjects.  I decided to join  the early Christmas spirit with my photography.  I din’t originally intend for this shot to satisfy the Rule of Odds post but after I processed it I thought it would be perfect.  The photograph would not have the same feeling if I had introduced another element to make an even number of subjects.  This was shot in studio with a 60mm Macro lens at f11, 250 SS and Iso 160. Shh – here is a little food photography secret.   I discovered that shaving cream is a great substitute for whipped cream. It keeps its form for a much longer period of time and you are not temped to take a taste!


Week 10 #49 Portrait with F8 (Technical)

famiy portrait3-2

Getting the family together on Holidays is a challenge when everyone is spread out across the country.  This year we managed to get 3-5 families together in Westminster SC for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  The next challenge was coaxing them into a family portrait!  This is our silly version of the family portrait which seemed like an easier task than getting everyone to cooperate.  This was shot with OCF, F8, SS 250, ISO 125 at 44 mm.  Enjoy our silliness.